Eva Tomas Casado

Hi. I am Eva.

I am a futurist by nature. An engineer by training. And a philosopher by heart.

My lifelong insatiable curiosity about the horizon forever receding and what lies beyond, led me to embark on a journey that seamlessly blends the realms of science, technology, and profound contemplation.

Simple thinking is what I found so far on this journey.

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Simple Thinking

Simple Thinking, in a nutshell, is my way of addressing the wicked challenges all of us, individuals, institutions, organisations, and more are facing on every level of our lives. It challenges the current freeze state a lot of us are in given the ever-growing uncertainty in our in-between-worlds reality.


  • Simple is not the opposite of complex.
  • Simple is the enabler to leverage complex systems.

Approaching challenges Simple, is not denying the fact our world consists of multiple complex systems interacting in an unforeseeable, unpredictable manner. Simple is not a part of complexity, that can be extracted and solved separately. But Simple is a part of complicated. And the complicated can be deconstructed into its simpler parts. Here is where thinking comes into play.


Thinking is our immanently human superpower. Thinking is the tool we have to embrace, leverage, and navigate complexity.

Thinking, in its holistic sense, incorporates not only cognitive function but also our potential to perceive the world with our simpler brain parts.

Simple Thinking

Simple Thinking is the endeavour to use our full brain potential to distinguish between factual complexity and constructed complication.

  • Simple Thinking is the tool to deconstruct complicated and reconstruct in a simpler, more comprehensible way.
  • Simple Thinking applied leads to results that are meaningful, creative, and engaging.

Generative Strategy

Generative Strategy is Simple Thinking applied to strategy development.

It embraces the process nature of strategy and challenges the project approach widely used. Generative Strategy seeks to create pathways that inspire the agency needed, to also walk them. Generative Strategy gives everyone the tools needed to build those paths to the futures. As the saying goes: Paths are made by walking.